The following files may be downloaded and used on websites or printed literature that is used to promote scheduled programs of Bruce Chadwick Illusion Ministry. Click on the image to download the file.

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Chadwick Color Logo

Color Logo
JPG Image 54 KB

Chadwick Black and White Logo

Black and White Logo
JPG Image 248 KB

Chadwick Floating Glass

Floating Glass Poster
JPG Image 1661 KB

Chadwick Hat and Rabbit

Hat and Rabbit
JPG Image 511 KB

Chadwick Theatre of Illusion Collage

Theatre of Illusion Poster
JPG Image, 8.15 MB High Resolution

Chadwick Cartoon On the Ball

Cartoon - On The Ball (PDF File)

Chadwick Cartoon Bad Hare Day

Cartoon - Bad Hare Day (PDF File)

Chadwick Cartoon Quicker Than the Eye

Cartoon - Quicker Than The Eye (PDF File)

Chadwick Cartoon Sawing a Lady in Half

Cartoon - Sawing a Lady in Half (PDF File)

Chadwick Postcard 1

Postcard - Floating Glass

Chadwick Postcard 2

Postcard - Sleight-of-Hand

Chadwick Postcard 3

Postcard - Sword